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Industrial Lubricants
Performance Features

Thermal Stability
Thermally stable in modern hydraulic system working in extreme conditions of load and temperature. Highly resistant to degradation and sludging.

Oxidation resistant
Resist oxidation in the presence of air, water and copper. Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST) results show oxidation life up to four times longer than some other anti-wear mineral oils.

Outstanding anti-wear performance
Proven anti-wear additives are incorporated to be effective throughout the range of operating conditions, including low and severe duty high load conditions. Outstanding results in the tought Vickers 35VQ25 test.

Superior filterability
Suitable for ultra-fine filtration, an essential requirement in today's hydraulic systems, Unaffected by the usual products of contamination, such as water and calcium, which are known to cause blockage of fine filters.

Low friction
Possess high lubrication properties excellent low friction characteristics in hydraulic system operating at low or high speed. Prevent problem of stick-slip in critical applications.

Excellent air release and anti-foam properties
Careful use of additives to ensure quick air release without excessive foarming.

Good water separation
The water separation properties (demulsibility) resist the formation of highly viscous water-in-oil emulsions and prevent consequent hydraulic system and pump damage. The rapid oil / water separation properties are demonstated in the standard ASTM-D 1401 test.

All round versatility
Suitable for a wide range of other industrial application.


Hydro Plex Hydraulic oil are compatible with most pumps. However, please consult your Plexo Lubricants Representative before using in pumps containing silver plated components.

HYDRO PLEX 32, 46 68 N68, 100 150

HYDRO PLEX oil designed for use in circulating systems are made from high viscosity index, chemically stable base stocks which are further fortified with antioxidation, anticorrosion, antiwear and antifoam additives. They meet the requirements of very high pressure systems and also of systems where high pump speeds are encountered.

Product Benefits

Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of the hydraulic pump and the designed system.

High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions.

Good film strength and antiwear properties to minimize wear of pump, valves cylinders, pistons, etc.,

Maximum demulsibility to allow entrained water to settle down.

Excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and corrosion of metal parts.

Resistance to foaming to ensure prompt and efficient functioning.

High chemical stability to ensure long and trouble free service life.

Application : Recommended for use in hydraulic systems, enclosed gear box, chain drives compressors, vacuum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, circulation oiling system etc. wherein oil is reticulated & used for extensive periods.
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  Industrial Lubricants